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The ONLY Company with a Simple Three (3) Step Process to Help You to Dramatically Reduce Your Desktop Printing Costs up to 90%:

1) Standardize Your Printers:
Big Office (Copiers) – HP Office Jet Pro X series printers
Small Office (Big Desktops) – Epson Workforce Pro series printers
Home Office (Small Desktops) – Brother MFCJ650DW series printers

The major cost of printing is the cost of the ink!!
So when it is time to purchase your next set of OEM retail $100+ cartridges simply say NO and use those funds towards the investment into our recommended printers. It is that simple to get into Your Print Savings program.


2) Standardize Your Ink – Standardize your ink with only one type & simplify your life. You really only need one printer brand in your home or office to support all of your printing needs. Stop getting deals on printers that occupy wasted space and stressing you out to carry additional ink inventory.


3) Buy ink in Bulk (refillable cartridge/tank system) – Bulk purchasing allows you to dramatically reduce your ink costs compared to buying very expensive individual disposable cartridges.


Introducing "BIG BERTHA" Luxury Bulk Ink System



checkmark  Reduce your ink cost up to 90% by buying in bulk rather than disposable cartridges.

checkmark  Lower your paper cost up to 50% by printing recto verso. (2 sided)

checkmark  Lower energy cost by 70% by using inkjet rather than laser printers.

checkmark  Minimize your capital expense by standardizing your inkjet printer inventory.

checkmark  Reduce your lease costs by converting to a “printer purchase” strategy.

checkmark  Eliminate your cost per copy by using a purchased copier.


Benefits Summary:

A) Financial – Reduce your ink costs up to 90%, paper costs up to 50%, energy cost up to 70% and your capital cost of printers by standardizing models and reducing your printer inventory.

B) Strategic – Improve productivity by standardizing your ink and refilling your own cartridges. Never run out of ink.

C) Personal – Reduce your stress level by eliminating concerns about running out of ink and not being able to print a document on a timely basis.


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