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Colour Print
Media Versatility
Text print – current inkjet printers
Text print - new HP & Epson inkjet printers


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Ink - OEM colour graphics*
Ink - OEM text
Ink - yourprintsavings**


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Current inkjet printers
New HP inkjet printers


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* OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

** YOURPRINTSAVINGS.COM inkjet ink – up to 90% lower in cost compared to OEM when purchased in bulk.


 OEM inkjet $/pageYPS* Inkjet $/pageLaser $/page
Coloured Business Graphics15.1 cents3.1 cents ****19.1 cents **
Monochrome Text7.5 cents1.0 cents (est)4.25 cents ***

*YPS – Your Print Savings compatible ink system

** Colour Laser Printer

*** Monochrome (black only) Laser Printer

**** Result based on 200 photo prints measured ink consumption September 2013


Conclusion: inkjet ink combined with the new Epson inkjet printers is the optimal mix of products offering you the “best option” to significantly lower your printing costs.


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